Max damage twitter

max damage twitter

Most recent rocket took max damage, due to v high entry velocity. Will be our life leader for ground tests to confirm others are good. PM. The latest Tweets from Max Brallier (@MaxBrallier). Max Brallier Retweeted .. home for recess, woke up today to front-page stories about the local damage. The latest Tweets from Max (@maexdaemaege). Rocket Scientist at Rocket Beans TV // #rbtv // Hamburg. I'm sure we will see a re-entry hardened version of Falcon 9 in the not-too disant future for GTO flights,maybe all. Don't you think the shock of landing would still be too likely to fuck the engine plumbing up? Unfortunately it wasn't in the works then. But, you know… USSR. Even if the center core goes too far downrange to do a RTLS boostback, it can still do a deceleration at apogee and gently 'drop' into the atmosphere above OCISLY, instead of doing a high-speed re-entry like F did. max damage twitter

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Max Hook Makoa! Full Damage! Bezos is an idiot. If the case is big enough they will find your accounts and go through them with a fine tooth comb. Parts bent or broken replaceable Structure heat causing loss of temper perhaps replaceable Tanks warped or tempered big problem engines damaged??? If that doesn't speak to the quality of that group nothing will. To do anything else would be a foolhardy or b ludicrously expensive. That's going to be a big day. It's like one step up from youtube comments. I think it's something that needs to be said. If you find an event or conference where SpaceX representative will be in attendance, please message the moderators for inclusion in the sidebar! Tribalistic splitting into them and us mentality is not going to get us to Mars! That's a good interpretation, one which I hope for I hope that the Facebook mod team, even if it is only one member of the team, learns from our mod team and follows their example. SpaceX is able to utilize the exclusive access to this data to get better, while all the other launch providers can do is stand by and watch them get better at something they can't even do yet. That sounds like a risky move, there might be different levels of wear-and-tear on different parts of each rocket. I think it's something that needs to be said. I think we won't really know how much refurbishment these tough GTO flights need until the next one lands. Ironically second stages and beyond tend to be where issues occur because you can't reliably test conditions on the ground nearly as. I'd love to see CFD computer simulation of this type of re-entry. Though the UR was ready and would have blown the socks off Saturn-V. They could almost guarantee returned vehicles are good for many, many cosumo casino if they simply reduced the envelope for recovery, and reduced the "reusable" payload mass of F9 down to a lower level. The ignition system on the Merlin-1D-Vac of the second stage is fully redundantthe engine has dual redundant pyrophoric igniters using triethylaluminum-triethylborane TEA-TEB. That's the most kerbal thing i've heard all day! I agree about the limitations of Twitter but with Elon his random urge to answer questions on there directly is a max damage twitter source of information. I didn't know people were thinking the present Falcon 9 was end of road design-wise RE reuse. Well, we at least know that 3 of the engines worked well enough at low throttle following a ludicrous speed re-entry.

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